Welcome, Members of StoneCrest, Old and new! I would like to personally welcome you to the relaunch of our server! The journey we have been on has been a rollercoaster, however every journey must take on a new path leading to an exciting new challenge for all of us, one that the staff team have been relishing. Although progress may have looked bleak recently we have had an ace up our sleeve, we have always been determined to give you something new and exclusive so here it is!

Out with the old in with the new! – Custom Biomes! Yes, we’ve mastered it, Custom biomes are here, with many new places to adventure and explore! Custom biomes have been our primary aim for a long period of time now and we’ve finally achieved the goal we set ourselves, yes it took us longer than expected but sometimes the best is worth waiting for and that’s what we are striding for!

So I hear you ask, has my computer got the level of hardware to run custombiomes? – Well guess what, were one step ahead again! Multiverse; for the players who cannot run custom biomes we have implemented this amazing plugin so we can run multiple worlds at the exact same time, this world will be completely vanilla, we understand that there are different strokes for different folks so we’re here catering to your every need!

I can see already that one small word that is on the mind of our older players, towny? GONE. No need to worry though we’ve also implemented LandClaim, for those of you whom are unluckily enough to remember our dealings with Towny you will be pleased to hear it’s gone and gone for good this time! It’s no secret that Towny completely destroyed our server upon the release of 1.12, so to stop anything like this happening in the future we are now using LandClaim but do not fear, this will almost be a mirror image to what Towny had to offer so don’t think you’re getting any less! LandClaim you can claim the land you wish to build on and the longer you play the more you can claim! Yes so you finally get rewarded for putting in the endless hours in making your town look prestige and with this magnificent little plugin you will now be able to keep your town safer, yes that does include all your precious items in your chests!

Don’t think we’re stopping here though, there will be plenty more updates to come and some are just on the horizon, but enough talk! I hope you all enjoy what we have to offer on the server & find it as fun and entertaining as us.
- StoneCrest Staff Team!
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