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Hello players, 

    So recently we have been looking to optimize the server and give a new life to it. We have been looking at various changes and mainly that includes many plugins. Many are under wraps for now, however the big one we are planning is the custom enchants system. There is a way better plugin out there however it does involve switching plugins. We will be willing to compensate if we do switch however we still want your guys opinions so please take a miute to read up on the plugins and vote for the switch down below.

*This wont take effect for around 2-3 weeks*

Happy gaming,


[F] iafunky Voted No to trigger anti, I'm actually voting yes just for clairfication
[O] Elmusic0 Yeah Anti gave some ideas of how we can handle that. We just need to see what the players would want before we decide.
[K] Anti_The_Psycho
Anti_The_Psycho @ Stonecrest
i dont think we know that yet, i proposed 2 different ways of handling it, both with their own merits. one being to give...
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